Ames Software Company Moves Closer to Adding Hundreds of Jobs

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AMES, Iowa — Ames software company Vertex is moving forward with a plan to add 300 jobs to the city, some of which could have salaries of $100,000.

The company primarily works with manufacturers to help them collaborate more efficiently.

The Ames City Council unanimously endorsed Vertex’s application to the Iowa Economic Development Authority for financial assistance with its expansion project.

“I think it means that we will be able to have certainly a growing economy here, because adding that number of jobs, it adds to the number of people buying homes in the area. It adds to the number of people who frequent businesses and make purchases within the community,” Vertex CEO and Founder Dan Murray said.

Murray said he’s thankful the city council is supportive of the plan.

Ames City Council At-Large Representative Amber Courrier said this project fits in with Ames’ overall goal to expand the economy.

“I mean I think we are always looking to diversify our workforce. Iowa state is a great asset to Ames, but we want to make sure that when those graduates leave Iowa state, that there are jobs for them in the community. And that’s why we are looking for private industry to invest in Ames,” Courrier said.

In addition to more jobs, Vertex would also build a brand new building in the Iowa State University Research Park.

“At the same time we are improving the entrepreneurial economy, which means that I really look forward to a future where there are more companies like Vertex that pop up. And certainly with Iowa State and their entrepreneurial center has been a great driver of that in recent years,” Murray said.

Murray said he’s built six companies in Ames and there’s a reason he keeps coming back.

“One of the things I benefit from is really the intelligence of the people in the state of Iowa, in the Ames community. We’ve got some really bright people here and we also have people who have a work ethic that’s second to none. I’ve traveled the world and I’ve found no place better to build a business than Ames, Iowa,” Murray said

The next step will be for the Iowa Economic Development Authority to take a look at the application for financial assistance for the expansion project.


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