AMES, Iowa — The father of one of the Ames shooting victims at Cornerstone Church hopes out of tragedy will come change when it comes to gun violence. Terry Montang is the father of 22-year-old Eden Montang who was shot and killed along with 21-year-old Vivian Flores. The shooting happened just before 7:00 p.m. on Thursday at Cornerstone Church in Ames. 

The church was hosting a Salt Company gathering when shots were fired outside the building.  On Friday morning authorities identified the two shooting victims as Montang and Flores.  The gunman was identified as 32-year-old Johnathan Lee Whitlatch of Boone.

Terry Montang, a retired Master Sergeant with the US Army released the statement to the media Monday afternoon:

Eden was many things to so many people that I cannot begin to name them all.  She loved to help people when she could, but her greatest love was for her Lord Jesus…and that followed by her love for family and friends.  It is Eden and my great love for the Lord which has led me to write this….

Eden died for what she believed and “if” given the choice, I believe she would again.  Eden wasn’t an overly political person, but she believed in our country and was willing to die for our freedoms.  With that being said, a gun is just a tool; like a hammer or a drill.  Guns are not bad or evil.  Satan is and man’s sin is.

I know that she did believe in some gun laws, as I do.  But the problem is how to get good gun laws passed without taking any freedoms away or having politicians tack other things onto the bill that are not related. 

As a country, we are headed for a train wreck and if we don’t turn towards the Lord and put God back into our nation in all areas, there will be no way to stop the violence and devastation from happening. 

We mourn the loss of our daughter deeply and grieve with other families that have suffered a similar tragic loss.

~Terry L. Montang,

            Eden’s Father & Retired MSG Army