Ames School Board focus on one issue


AMES, Iowa — Ames voters had one top issue as they voted for three candidates for the School Board. Last February the Ames Community Schools held a week of action in the classroom to discuss inclusion and equity issues. The curriculum also mentioned queer and transgender issues. While some here praised the school for efforts to be inclusive, others felt the district strayed into a political issue.

Three candidates were endorsed by a group called Ames Deserves Better, which claims to promote the rights of families to make decisions and eliminating political agendas.

Other candidates ran on equity and inclusion as well as transparency. Voters were thinking about these issues as they cast their ballots.

“I am very much pro-science in the schools, and I’m very much for the teaching of inclusivity that addresses all students needs,” said Susan Bedell, an Ames voter.

“It’s really about not just my children, but all the children in the Amesschool district,” said Mook Bascomb, an Ames Voter. “I am a trans man, and I represent that fully and I think it’s important that we do not exclude individuals who are within the LGBTQ community nor the African-American communities.

“Critical Race Theory, I don’t know if they’re doing that at Ames High or in the school system, but I just want to make sure that they’re not because it’s not necessary to teach politics in school,” said Barry Blanford, an Ames voter.  

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