Ames Residents Escape Fire With Help


AMES, Iowa — A fire in Ames Wednesday afternoon caused some residents of an apartment to exit the building though a second story window. The residents had minor injuries during the escape, but the building at the 200 block of South Dakota suffered heavy damage.

“We were told that we had some people trapped inside,” said Karen Tapper, Shift Commander with the Ames Fire Department. “We did arrive on scene and found a passerby had dragged a ladder out the neighbor’s garage and actually put it on the roof of the garage, people were actually exiting the structure when we arrived on scene.”

One man who escaped said he suffered cuts on his arms, and toe. He said the realized their stairs to their second floor apartment had burned away, and the window was the only way out.

“Quite a bit of damage to the exterior and the interior as well,” said Tapper. “We were able to knock down the fire on the outside, then gain access on the inside.”

The cause is listed officially as under investigation. But Tapper did have a warning for others on a warm December day.

“There was a grill underneath the deck, we’re not sure that that’s exactly what started it,” said Tapper. “But grills and decks don’t always get along, make sure your coals are out if you are using a coal grill.”


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