AMES, Iowa – The heat and humidity has the city of Ames asking residents to reduce their energy use. That’s because increased demand could result in a new record and more costs for residents down the road.

Ames Electric Services issued a “peak alert” for Monday and Tuesday to remind residents to conserve electricity, but maintains there’s still plenty of energy available within Ames and the greater grid.

“Customers are not going to be without power the next couple of days,” Donald Kom, electric services director, said. “What we’re just trying to do is delay the need to build future generating stations in the years to come.”

Ames Electric Services produces electricity at the Ames Power Plant, uses wind energy and solar energy, and above that purchases electricity off the regional grid.

There are more than 28,000 electric meters throughout the city including homes, apartments, businesses, Iowa State University facilities, and city buildings.

Kom says customers can help by conserving energy between 2:00 and 7:00 p-m. He says the last peak was back in 20-12 and avoiding another one will save customers both in the short and long term.

“The longer that we can delay hitting a new peak, the farther out I can push the need to start planning for a new generator.” Kom explained. “And when I start planning for a new generator, that is going to be a huge capital investment which would ultimately then raise rates.”

Things people can do include closing drapes to block out the sun, washing dishes and clothes in the early morning or later evening, as well as turning thermostats up three to five degrees and using fans.