AMES, Iowa — If you have some broken household items, don’t toss them just yet. A repair cafe is being held at the Ames Public Library this Saturday.

Anyone can bring in broken household items to the event and a team of 25 volunteers will do their best to repair them for free.

A big reason why organizers are holding a repair cafe is to promote environmental sustainability and keep appliances out of landfills.

Mike Van Vertloo is the organizer for Saturday’s event. Van Vertloo said that he got the idea to hold a repair cafe after looking for ways to help reduce his environmental impact.

“We live in a throw-away society, people have that mindset and it is unfortunate a lot of times it is cheaper to buy a new item than it is to repair it. So we’re really focused on the environmental sustainability side of things,” Van Vertloo said.

Van Vertloo said that he and the rest of the volunteers will do their best to repair any item brought in, however some items may be beyond their expertise.

“If you can fit it in your car bring it. There’s no guarantee, we’re all volunteers, we aren’t necessarily professionals,” Van Vertloo said, “I wouldn’t bring a refrigerator that needs a lot of like a new compressor or anything we’re not going to be able to put in new refrigerant or something like that.”

The 25 volunteers that will be at the repair cafe have a diverse set of skills. Some are good with sewing while others focus on small engine repair. They will also be teaching people who attend how to do basic repairs.

To learn more about the repair cafe happening this Saturday from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. visit the event’s Facebook page.