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AMES, Iowa — The Ames Police Department is warning the pubic of two scams reported over the last week.

One victim reported that she put a mixer for sale on Craigslist for $190. The scammer posed as a buyer and contacted the victim through email. The scammer sent the victim a check for $1,500 and asked the victim to deposit the check in her bank account and wire a balance of $1,050 to his friend, Ingrid Lopez, through Western Union.

The victim wired the money. She later discovered the check was fraudulent and Ingrid was the scammer’s alias name.

In a different scam, a victim was contacted by someone with a foreign accent, calling himself James Anderson and claimed to be a Dish Network representative. The scammer even made it appear that the call was coming from DISH.

The caller asked the victim for the receiver number and the last four digits of the victim’s social security number. The victim later called DISH and discovered James was not an employee.

Ames police remind the public not to provide callers with any personal or account information, including your account number, security code, receiver number or location ID.