Ames Police Officer Shows Kindness to 5 year old Bike Theft Victim

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AMES, Iowa -- Last week a five-year-old boy named Fionn learned his bike had been stolen.

“Honey, your bike’s stolen, I’m sorry that was not a nice thing that somebody did,” said his mother Jen McClung-Coppoc. “The first thing that Fionn said was Mom we need to call the police.”

Fionn said he was "sad, but I had a great idea to call the police.”

When Ames Police Officer Vince Junior arrived at the family home in Ames, Fionn (pronounced Finn) took him to the back yard where he had marked the crime scene, pointing to the bike’s location.

"It was kind of cool, he drew some arrows to show where the bike was stolen,” said Junior.

"He took what Fionn had to had to say very seriously and asked him questions," said McClung-Coppoc.

"He also related how bad Fionn must feel over losing his bike, that it was not good to steal other people's things," said Jen.  "It was a morality lesson for Fionn, the officer was able to put it in those terms and got down on his level and talked to him and related to him and empathized with him about losing is bike."

The Ames officer went to his vehicle and filled out a report. Recently, he had noticed behind Skunk River Cycles, they had put out some kids' bikes, with a “free” sign on them. Junior went to talk to the owner of the business, and explained how Fionn’s bike was stolen.

The owner, Ron Ritz asked the officer for 15 minutes, he would go get a bike just for Fionn.

"I’m gonna go to the east side of town, so it’s going to take a little bit of time, I’ll get some bike tires, we’ll air it up, we’ll shine it up,” officer Junior said- relating his request of the bike shop.

Officer Junior took the bike to Fionn and his mom.

“He was happy, he was really happy, the Mom thought it was really cool too,” said Junior.

Jen McClung-Coppoc is originally from the Los Angeles area, so what the Ames officer did was not at all expected.

"I was really shocked and surprised that he would go out of his way to tend to this kind of a matter,” said McClung-Coppoc. “Where I come from police officers don’t care about these kinds of things.”

“Sometimes, I ride around really fast,” said Fionn. “The bike that he got me was almost the same size.”

"I’ve learned that we have a very good community,” said McClung-Coppoc. "I have a lot of faith in our community in Ames, this small town feel in Iowa that we have here that people are looking out for each other.”

Officer Junior said he credits Skunk River Cycles for reaching out to help a young member of the community.

Junior took some time on Tuesday to play a little backyard soccer with Fionn.

"I’ll always remember him, I can say that,” said Junior.


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