Ames Police making efforts to improve transparency and accountability


AMES, IOWA — After George Floyd’s murder the Ames City Council began reviewing ways to change the way Ames Police interact with people. Part of that review included a look at ways to make the department become more transparent when interacting with people. So the Council asked for quarterly reports on this. Since the Department already does monthly reports internally, they elected to make their reports available on a monthly basis.

“It’s it’s hard to know what my what everybody might want to know, and so we thought it would probably be better to put more information out there and people can look at that and decide what they think is important,” said Geoff Huff, the Ames Police Chief.

The report will break out the use of force, arrests, or traffic citations.

“Certainly people want to know about use of force incidents involving police officers because that’s been a hot button issue across the nation,” said Huff “So we want to be transparent so every time an officer uses force while conducting business that’s a part of the reporting, we give a little synopsis of what happened, why, and what force was used and why it was used.”

The police department will also soon implement a way to let people comment with both compliments and complaints on Ames Police using a web interface. The Ames City Council also will appoint a committee to help advise the department.

“So they will get that group together and the council, they will select people to be on advisory committee, said Huff. “I will work with them to see what other things they might want to see, to give a citizen perspective into the police department.”

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