Ames Police Department Investigating Shooting

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AMES, Iowa – Police continue to investigate a shooting after locating a man with a gunshot wound Monday.

At approximately 6:51 p.m., the police received a call of shots fired at 1217 Mayfield Drive. Upon arrival, officers found blood leading to an apartment and entered the residence, according to the Ames Police Department.

Nobody was found inside the apartment.

Shortly after, the police located 21-year-old Yuli Ge, who was injured in the incident and had a gunshot wound.

A witness reported that Ge was a resident of 1217 Mayfield Drive. The witness also stated that Ge shot himself in the hand while he was handling a firearm.

Ge refused to speak with responding officers and was transferred to an unknown hospital in Des Moines where he was treated.

The incident remains under investigation.


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