Ames Police Concerned and Neighbors Frightened by Random Attack on Jogger

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AMES, Iowa — Ames police are still looking for the suspect who assaulted and stabbed a woman while she was running Sunday night.

Police say around 7:40 p.m. on Sunday they received a call from a victim who said she had been assaulted and stabbed near 6th Street and Carroll Avenue right next to Bandshell Park.

“The victim had actually went home and was calling us from her residence where she was safe. She said she was running, had stopped to send a text message near that location and after she sent the text message she was approached by a male from behind who struck her in the head with an object and then stabbed her several times in the side,” Ames Police Commander Jason Tuttle said.

Police said the victim told them the man ran off southbound after the attack.

“He was described as a white male adult, approximately six foot tall wearing dark clothing with lettering and jeans. We did detain a man last night who was in the area prior to the assault. We don’t believe he was involved, so we are still actively seeking the suspect in this case,” Tuttle said.

Police also believe this was a random crime.

“We believe in this case that the victim didn’t recognize the suspect, so we believe it was potentially a random crime and so most of the crimes we investigate there’s generally a relationship between the victim and the suspect and they know each other,” Tuttle said.

With the perpetrator still on the loose, neighbors near Bandshell Park are very concerned.

“Well I’m very anxious. I walked my dog earlier this morning and I was very alert of my surroundings. My son has a friend who lives across the street and I told him last night no more can he just go over there. I’ll have to go out and watch and I want a phone call before he comes home so I can watch him come home. So I do feel a little more heightened sense of fear, but in all actuality, our neighborhood is a nice neighborhood,” Ames resident Jill Peterson said.

Even though it didn’t happen on campus, Iowa State University Police let students and faculty know about the incident and suggest to not only be aware of your surroundings, but also download the ISU Guardian App or other safety apps if you’re not part of the ISU community.

“On the app there’s safety timers. So if somebody were to go out for a walk at night, their guardians would be aware of where they’re at. There’s one-touch calling for police assistance, and that would work anywhere you are at in the community,” ISU Police Chief Michael Newton said.

Ames police said if you were in the area around 7:30 p.m. or have surveillance cameras on your house nearby, they would welcome any information and ask you to call 515-239-5133 or Crime Stoppers at 515-223-1400.


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