Ames Offers $225K to Estate of Police Shooting Victim

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AMES, Iowa — The City of Ames has agreed to a huge settlement after a police officer shot and killed a suspect, even though the city says police did nothing wrong, and the victim’s family has not sued.

In November of 2013, 19-year-old Tyler Comstock got into a fight with his father over cigarettes. Police say Comstock stole his father’s truck and led police on a three minute chase. During that chase, Comstock slammed the stolen truck into Officer Adam McPherson’s police car several times. The chase ended when Comstock got the truck stuck on the ISU Campus, and Officer McPherson opened fire, hitting Comstock twice, killing him.

Three days later, the Story County Attorney ruled the shooting was justified. Comstock’s family has not yet sued, but has filed notice that they would. The city believed offering a $225,000 settlement would be better than trying to fight the suit in court.

“It was the insurance company’s decision of how to settle it,” said city spokeswoman Susan Gwiasda,  “They felt that this was the best way to reach resolution. There’s certainty involved in this resolution and it brings closure to this incident.”

The city’s insurance company will pay $200,000 of the settlement.  Ames taxpayers will be on the hook for the remaining $25,000.


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