Ames New Walmart A First For Company Execs

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AMES, Iowa- Walmart has opened a new SuperCenter in north Ames, replacing the old store there. This is the second Super Walmart to open in Ames.

The new store is somewhat unique, as it was built almost touching the old building.

“Were able to move things through a hole in the wall from one store to the other extremely unique experience,” said Michael White, who is the Walmart Store 749 Manager. “Most of the time the stores are a block down the road or a mile down the road but to be able to do it right next each other this close is a fantastic experience.”

Walmart held a grand opening ceremony which included the Walmart cheer, and they presented grants to the Ames Police Department, Fire Department, and to Ames High School.

The ribbon was cut by long time Walmart Associate they all call “Miss Ruth,” a 30 year store employee, who was there when the ribbon was cut on the original Walmart store next door, in 1985.

“There’s a building over there that is now vacant that has held lots of memories for lots of people for many many years,” said Todd Carr, a district manager with Walmart. “I’ve been lucky in my career to do quite a few of these and I know it’s tough I know it’s tough and we tear that thing down it’s gonna be a sad day, but when you see with this building has offer the community the associates it is well worth it.”

The old store will be torn down and used for parking. The building removal, and new parking lot is expected to be completed in September.


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