AMES, IOWA — The City of Ames is asking residents to cut back on how much energy they use in their homes and businesses on Monday and Tuesday as record power usage is possible due to oppressive heat outside.

Ames Electric Services issued a ‘peak alert’ for Monday and Tuesday. During the alert, customers who signed up for the Prime Time Power program will have their air conditioners automatically cycled off for 7 1/2 minutes each half hour. Those customers are given a monthly $5 rebate during the summer.

Meanwhile, the utility company is asking all customers to do what they can to preserve power during the hottest parts of the day – 2:00-7:00 p.m. – on Monday and Tuesday. Their suggestions include:

  • turn up your thermostat and turn on fans
  • close drapes to block out heat from the sun
  • close registers and doors in unused rooms
  • don’t use your dishwasher or stove in the afternoon or early evening
  • charge electric vehicles after 8:00 pm