Ames in Recovery Mode After Cy-Hawk Showdown

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AMES, Iowa — Ames is still recovering from a long weekend after Cy-Hawk fans took over the town for the big game.

Over the weekend, Iowa State University police issued 52 citations and arrested 31 people. The Ames Police Department said they issued more than 1,000 parking tickets and had about 430 calls for service.

“We had approximately 24 arrests from Friday through about Sunday at noon, and I think we only had about five arrests at the stadium for public intoxication during the game, but a lot of those other arrests were in our bar district on Welch Avenue and some of the surrounding areas for disorderly conduct and public intoxication,” Ames Police Commander Jason Tuttle said.

Tuttle said it was a very taxing weekend for them, but overall they feel that it went well and they were prepared.

“I think also the weather delay plays into this a little bit as well. We spread out the game more than usual. A lot of those people did stay at the stadium, but it was just a longer day in general for all the officers from the other departments working the game as well,” Tuttle said.

That delay also meant the Jack Trice Stadium groundskeeping crew got a late start in making field repairs after the game.

Grounds and Facilities Director Tim VanLoo said this particular game wore out the field like they had played two games instead of one.

“It was really a very typical postgame for us. It was just a lot later in the night than we thought it was going to be, but the guys did what we do. We just started repairing. We don’t typically throw grass seed right after a game, but it was just a little thin in a could spots so we are trying to recover those and get them back,” VanLoo said.

VanLoo said they will be working on the field and other areas around the stadium all week to get things back in shape for the next game.

“Our parking lots obviously were a little bit wet as people left, so there’s some rutting there. We are going to have to do some work on those. The grass hill sides took a little bit more wear than normal, but it’s all part of the game day. There was a lot of people here where the College GameDay was set up. Those are a little beat down, but fortunately that was dry when that all happened,” VanLoo said.

Overall, officials said it was a successful weekend in Ames, and they will be ready for the next game this weekend.


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