AMES, IOWA — The City of Ames says it is anticipating near record-breaking energy use in the next few days as a heat wave settles into the state. Ames Electric Services is issuing a ‘peak alert’ for Tuesday, August 1st and asking customers to cut their energy use in the afternoon to save money and keep the power on.

The utility is asking customers to take steps this week to cut down on their power use – especially from 4:00-7:00 p.m. when energy use is usually at its highest. Among the tips they offer for customers:

  • turn on fans and close drapes during the day
  • close doors and air registers in unused rooms
  • turn off unused electric devices
  • charge vehicles after 8pm
  • do laundry and run dishwashers in the morning or later in the evening

During peak alerts the utility will also activate its Prime Time Power service. Customers who participate will have their air conditioners turned off for 7.5 minutes every hour. They are given credits on their bill for taking part in the program.