Ames businesses hope COVID-19 cases don’t spike as ISU students return to campus


AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University students returned to campus in August, and some students are taking precautions against the delta coronavirus variant.

“I always keep a mask on me in my backpack. I got my COVID vaccine today, and I’m going to stay with the people who don’t have it,” said sophomore Exzavion Chairse

“Use your mask and just be safe,” said freshman John Ganzear.

However, some students feel indifferent about taking precautions against the delta variant.

“I’m not a mask guy,” said sophomore Sam Reitano. “I don’t think the vaccine is really worth it.”

On Aug. 21, there were 849 cases, an additional 42 cases over a 14-day change, according to state and local health agencies. Iowa State University encourages all of its students to wear face masks in indoor spaces when they are around others. Those who are unvaccinated are encouraged to wear and practice social distancing.

Businesses near the campus are taking precautions by adding hand sanitizer and encouraging mask-wearing.

“We probably will mandate it again for the employees if the city mandates it again. Right now, it’s a personal choice,” said Madison Adams, the assistant manager of Pizza Pit.

The assistant manager of Della Viti, Lane Galvin, is worried about the delta variant spreading as the school year progresses.

“We’re happy for it, but we’re expecting a spike to happen, probably after the first football game. So we’re just nervous about what will happen if that spike hits because we just got out of grinding it out, just trying to get by,” said Galvin.

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