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DES MOINES, Iowa – We’ve learned why the bipartisan organization, America’s Renewable Future, is targeting Ted Cruz.

The group says it’s working to make sure the future of renewable energy remains on the minds of caucus-goers. The Environmental Protection Agency has reduced the previously agreed upon amount of renewables in the nation’s fuel supply. That frustrated renewable supporters who wanted higher renewable mandates. Although, critics say the compromised level is actually too high and poses a threat to the environment. 

America’s Renewable Future wants candidates to commit to understand the importance of renewables to Iowa’s economy.

However, the organization says Cruz won’t even talk to the group about the issue, and says he’s the only candidate — Republican or Democrat — who has refused.

“Of all the letters, emails and invites, he’s the only one that has not given us the time to sit down with us and talk to us about what this means to Iowa,” said Eric Branstad, State Director of America’s Renewable Future.

Branstad also criticized Cruz for previously supporting subsidies for the oil industry but not renewable fuels.