AMERICAN PICKER: Mike Wolfe Back In Town

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The line stretched from ice cream to vitamins…but that’s alright.

Crowds at the grocery store usually wear tempers thin, but Thursday no one mind waiting to see Mike Wolfe star of American Pickers.

He’s excited, too. He’s lent his name to a new beverage “American Vintage Hard Tea” and he’s home.

“It’s kind of a fun way to promote a new product and they put me on board with it and it brought me back to Iowa, so thumbs up on that,” he said.

Four seasons in, American Pickers is bigger than ever.  Mike has relocated to Nashville and has a second shop, there.

“Things are just rolling along, I’m pitching other shows, I have a children’s book that just came out about three weeks ago, it’s called ‘Kid Picker’s Guide to Picking Treasure.’”

When we sat down with him in LeClaire three years ago, he was confident his show was no fad, “Remember I told you that? I said there’s going to be a tsunami of collector shows, now there’s Auction Hunters, Auction Kinds, Storage Wars, Storage Wars Texas, Pawn This, Pick That…”

People love the show’s concept…“There’s always something new in every episode.” But mostly…“Mike’s a nice guy, he really does Iowa proud…” They love Mike, Iowa’s reality star, home again and up close…it’s worth waiting for.

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