ALLERGY ALERT: Humans Aren’t The Only Ones Suffering

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It’s that time of the year when allergies sufferers have those telltale itchy eyes and runny nose, but humans aren’t the only ones feeling under the weather.

Dogs have allergies that come and go with the seasons just like humans.

People usually inhale allergens. Veterinarians say dogs are a bit different because they inhale allergens and absorb them through their skin.

While you may be sneezing and sniffling, dogs try to relieve their symptoms through excess chewing and licking of the places that bother them the most like their legs, belly and ears.

Veterinarians say some dogs are genetically predisposed to allergies. Some of those breeds include: Shar-pei, Pug, Laborador Retriever and Golden Retriever.

According to Veterinarians only 15 percent of dogs find relief from Benadryl. The easiest way to help your furry friend feel a little better is to give them a bath every one to two weeks.

Overall, veterinarians say if your dog is suffering bring them in to get checked out.


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