ALBINO DEER: Rare Animal Spotted In Eastern Iowa


Courtesy: Iowa DNR

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A unique deer is fascinating eastern Iowans patient enough to wait around for her appearance.

Courtesy: Iowa DNR
Courtesy: Iowa DNR

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says an albino deer, thought to be a female, has been spotted in Johnson County near Solon. Groups have gathered to catch a glimpse of the white deer on a hilltop nearby, where the deer has come regularly in the evenings for the last few weeks.

Albino deer are rare and each parent must carry a recessive gene for the fawn to be an albino. Wildlife biologists say the odds of a deer being born albino are 1 in 100,000 or more.

Though albinism can cause shorter life spans because of health issues, this lucky deer is protected from hunters. Iowa law makes it illegal to hunt “a predominantly white, white-tailed deer.”


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