Al Lauck celebrates 50 years on the radio airwaves in Algona


ALGONA, IOWA — It all started at the age of four when Al Lauck toured radio station KLGA in Algona with his parents. He let his mom and dad know, that someday he would like to work there.

“I told my kindergarten teacher that I want to be the guy on the radio someday,” said Lauck. “I guess you say dreams do come true.”

His dream has lasted for 50 years. He started at KLGA, while still in college on April Fools Day of 1971. That longevity was recognized on Wednesday by the Iowa Broadcasters, during an online meeting, when he was named Iowa Broadcaster of the Year for 2021. Lauck got his award at the station, with co-workers by his side.

“There were other offers through the years and I did take a look at them,” said Lauck. “I talked them over with the family, with my wife, and kids, and everything we just sort of always led us right back here to Kossuth County, saying this is where we wanna be.”

Al is very well known for his coverage of the area.

“If there’s a bad storm a lot of rain or snow or rain or storm damage we usually, listeners usually call and say my gauge had two inches of rain or three inches of rain,” said Lauck. “We share that with listeners because that’s important.”

Lauck’s on-air presence is something local residents really count on. He grew up in nearby Whittemore.

“Before Al leaves for a vacation, he has to tell his listeners if he’s going to be gone for a day or two,” said Bernie Merrill, KLGA General Manager. “We’ll get phone calls, is Al okay, or is Al sick, why isn’t he on the air, if he isn’t here they get worried.”

Lauck is 68-years-old and wants to keep working as long as he is able.

“Fifty years is a long time it goes by so quick when you’re having fun,” said Lauck “Work is work, but for me, it’s been a lot of fun, I’m one of those guys that hasn’t really worked a day in his life, because I just enjoy what I do, I love talking to listeners on the radio.”

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