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Typically, when Iowans think about the Fourth of July, we think about sweetcorn but not this year.

“Unfortunately this year has been a rough year and a lot of our corn is behind schedule,” say Gov. Branstad.

The inclement weather can be blamed.

Normally sweetcorn is harvested and sold the first week of July.

Despite the corn delay WHO Radio held its annual sweet corn celebration at the statehouse Wednesday.

The corn came from an Iowa store but it’s unlikely it came from an Iowa field.

There’s still reason to be optimistic about this year’s crop.

“Sweetcorn will come,” reassures Iowa ag secretary, Bill Northey. “We all expect it to come, and we expect a large amount of it to come.  The crops are looking a lot better now than they looked a couple weeks ago.”

Northey says the bounty will come in two to three weeks.