Warm Weather Helping Wet Crops

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Iowa has been seeing daytime highs in the 80s, but average temperatures is the 70s for this time of year. September has been much warmer than normal and looks to stay that way through the end of the month.

But that’s helped balance out some of the areas that have gotten a lot of rain according to State Climatologist Harry Hillaker, “[Warm weather] helped keep things from getting too out of hand as far as being overly wet. Those areas that have had the heavy rain had plenty of wind, plenty of sunshine to help dry things out a little quicker than what would typically be the case this time of year when the temperatures started to head downhill and things aren’t so warm and don’t dry out so quickly so right now we’re still sitting in pretty good shape.”

Hillaker says because in some parts of Iowa there’s been a lot of rain but that isn’t the case for all of the state, “Overall, statewide average is right about normal for precipitation. But as always, a lot of variability. And certainly here in central Iowa, had a lot of rain this past Thursday and Friday. And that was basically the case from this Southwest corner of the state, up through the Des Moines area over to the Quad Cities, and Clinton and Cedar Rapids and outside of that one area though, not really a whole lot of rain.”

Hillaker says with the announcement of a stronger El Nino event this year, the main effect in Iowa will be a tendency toward a warmer than normal winter. But there’s no guarantees, he says the last El Nino six years ago had a colder winter.


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