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Horticulture and landscaping is a part of the agribusiness sphere that you don’t hear too much about, but colleges like DMACC, Kirkwood, and Iowa State have degrees for it.
One of the ways they gear students with some practical experience is through service days.
Jim Mason an adjunct instructor at DMACC in commercial horticulture says, “Well this is an excellent opportunity for students from DMACC and Kirkwood where we’re working in what’s called the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association In-Service day.”
He says, “The association provides some material and labor to help out an institution like the Iowa Arboretum like where we’re at today.”
“Of course it doesn’t compete with rural crops and such, but it’s a very strong portion of agribusiness I believe. I think it’s really under rated.” He says, “When you start talking the umbrella of horticulture in Iowa: Christmas trees, greenhouses, landscape opportunities, farmers markets. It really adds up to be a pretty substantial portion of the economy in the state of Iowa.”

Mason says the in service days lets students interact with fellow students from other colleges, other horticultural professionals like those at the Iowa Arboretum, as well as other professionals that are a part of the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association.