More Leaders Speaking Out Against EPA Waivers


Iowa — Senators and Governors are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to deny new Small Refinery Waivers.

 Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds joined four other Governors asking the gap-year waivers requested by oil refineries dating back nearly 10 years be rejected.

  The Ethanol industry and its advocates call these waivers a work-around from the Tenth Circuit Court decision denying some waivers.. Over the last three years.. billions of gallons of ethanol have lost demand because of E-P-A… refinery exemptions.

  Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst along with Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois sent a letter to the EPA as well.

  Senator Ernst on a Zoom call with Iowa agriculture leaders says she has been talking with the administration.. saying there is no validity to the more than 50 waivers.

“Senator Grassley and I were on a call with Andrew Wheeler last week, and I told him straight up, those need to go directly in the garbage can. And he argued back a little bit, saying wait, Senator, wait. I’m required by law to receive those petitions at any point in time. And I said, yeah I get that, but they need to go straight into the garbage can.”

  Theresa Greenfield.. the Democrat Candidate for Senator in Iowa.. issued a release calling for Andrew Wheeler to resign.. in response to those waivers.. and demanding new leadership at the EPA

  And corn is seeing a boost, our analyst Jamey Kohake has the details.

obviously we saw a bloodbath last week in corn were down all five trading days of the week. Getting a little bit of a dead cat bounce so far this morning. Forecasters are still expecting favorable conditions across the heart of the Midwest and start this week off through midweek which would limit stress on crops and still look for the trend to be longer term back bearish yet. Over to the cattle complex, kind of a sloppy start here, short term trend a little bit lower here cash bids start the week around 95. Hoping we can pull off steady cash on the week, last week’s kill numbers were very big, and we’re still trying to process our way through the big backlog. Over to the pork side, we have seen better kill numbers here as well, cut outs dropping off by a little bit and we also still have roughly a 2 million head backlog all this factored into the market but still looking for short term pressure in the hog market here right now.

  Senators are questioning top American meat packers about shortages earlier this year.

  Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker are asking companies how much pork.. beef.. and chicken were shipped to China during the coronavirus outbreak as they also warned of possible domestic meat shortages.

  The U-S-D-A says more than a hundred thousand tons of U-S pork was sent to China in April while U-S meat prices soared.

  The Senators want to find out if commitments were kept from meat packers to their workers and US customers.


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