Iowans Return from South America Trade Mission

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Trade is a vital part of the agriculture economy and Iowans are always trying to promote their products.

Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig just returned from a trade mission to Panama and Colombia, which are solid export markets for some of Iowa’s biggest products. He was joined with Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg, as well as Iowa pork, soybean, and corn producers.

Naig thinks there’s opportunity for expansion, “I think the big take away for our group is once again it’s important to sit across the table from your customers, take our Iowa farmers and have a relationship with some of our customers in those countries. The second thing is both of these countries have free trade agreements with the United States. Trade agreements work.”

There was not formal agreement between countries to purchase goods on this trip, but Naig is confident there will be increased sales as a result of the connections.

Total U.S. agriculture products to Colombia totaled $2.5 billion in 2017. That year, exports to Panama totaled $660 million.


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