Iowa Sued Over Agriculture River Rules

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Environmental groups have announced a lawsuit against Iowa for what it claims as failing to protect the Raccoon River.

The Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and Food and Water Watch filed suit against the state blaming farms for polluting water.

ICCI says, “The lawsuit is a response to Iowa’s failed leadership, which has allowed the agribusiness industry to degrade Iowa’s waterways.”

In the lawsuit they ask for mandatory agricultural water pollution controls.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association called the lawsuit disappointing, saying it will be costly and will divert state resources to legal fees instead of helping with conservation.

Corn Growers President Curt Mether says, “Iowa farmers are aware of the role we play in our state’s quality of life, this includes the water we share. By implementing Iowa’s nutrient reduction strategy, we embrace the best science and rely on years of experience to collaborate in results that better our water.”


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