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IOWA — National Ag Day is on March 14th and will be alongside Iowa’s Ag Innovation Week.

At the Young Professionals in Agriculture Executive Breakfast, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig said Iowa is a leader when it comes to agriculture and innovation. It’s the heart of America’s cultivation corridor, working on the future of agriculture in digital, engineering, seeds, and genetics.

He says during the week, they will highlight what’s going on in the state, “We know, that we’re going to need to continue to improve our efficiency in agriculture. We’re going to need to continue our sustainability if we need to protect our natural resources. But also meet the needs of a growing population. That’s going to require innovation.”

Also at the breakfast was Casey Niemann President of AgriSync a customer-service platform, which allows producers to access their experts from the field.

New technology is a way for producers to become more efficient. Niemann says Iowa has a supportive economy for new ag businesses and they’re glad to be in a cultivation corridor.

He says it’s an opportunity to tell their story to bring innovation to producers and agribusiness, “We as Iowans have an opportunity to feed a hungry world. And technology adoption and technology innovation is a big part of that. And certainly at AgriSync, our ability to connect the human element that is driving that element, is a big part of what we see as innovation in the state.”