Iowa Corn and Soybeans in Great Shape According to Latest Crop Report


It was a dry week nearly six days were good for fieldwork according to the Iowa Crop Progress report. In that time farmers were spraying and harvesting hay as topsoil moisture levels got up to 37 percent short to very short. Subsoil moisture was bumped up to 20 percent short to very short levels..

Corn is now at 35 percent silking, two days ahead of the five year average, with scattered reports of corn reaching the dough stage. Conditions maintained a rating of 83% good to excellent.

58% of soybeans have bloomed, six days ahead of the average. Ten-percent were starting to set pods, about two days ahead of normal. Soybean conditions are also at 83 percent good to excellent.

 73% of Iowa oats are starting to turn color and the harvest has already begun for some farmers.


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