House Passes Price Reporting

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The U.S. House decided against its version of Mandatory Livestock Price Reporting, instead passing the more controversial Senate version. The bill is now headed to the President where he is expected to sign.
But it doesn’t have everything the industry side wanted, there are no emergency authority provisions in the bill. That makes mandatory reporting an essential function of government. So, if the government shut down, the report would keep going.
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Collin Woodall says, “The choice was to fight for that provision and allow Mandatory Price Reporting to expire or just get mandatory price reporting back on the books and ultimately we on the industry side said that we needed to get it put back in place, reauthorized for the five years, and we could find another way to fight this issue of essential function of government.”
Woodall says price reporting needs to continue because it affects producer and commodity decisions.
The Agribusiness Report uses Mandatory Livestock Price Reporting, to display the Minnesota/Iowa Direct Hog market numbers during our daily market analysis.



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