Grassley Pushes for Trade Deal with the United Kingdom


WASHINGTON, DC — With a Trade Representative in place, an Iowa Senator wants to move quickly on an agreement with the United Kingdom.

Trade with the UK is worth about $273 billion dollars. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says that should be a top priority for the Biden Administration. Grassley says the idea does have bipartisan support.
He wants Trade Representative Kathrine Tai to move forward on negotiations that have been ongoing since last year. With Trade Promotion Authority expiring June 30th, he hopes there can be quick movement.

Grassley is in favor of repassing TPA and giving President Biden the ability to broker approved trade deals that Congress can pass or reject but not amend. However, he thinks there could be a couple hurdles to cross before a trade agreement can happen.

“As important as a Special Trade Representative is – and Ms. Tai’s qualifications to do that job very effectively – I do believe she’s going to have to deal with Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of State, maybe even Treasury. This isn’t just something she can decide when she’s going to go out and do it,” said Grassley.

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