Grassley Hopes President Biden Will Shrink His Infrastructure Plan


IOWA — Senate Republicans are pressing for an infrastructure-only bill in response to President Biden’s proposal.

The nearly two trillion dollar package includes much that goes beyond traditional infrastructure, according to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Grassley says only about a quarter of the bill focuses on the traditional roads, bridges, waterways, ports and broadband.

Bipartisan votes may be needed with a few Democrats against a portions of the proposal, says Grassley. “We’re going to have to convince the Democrats that they’ve got to work in a bipartisan way and to get all of the non-infrastructure stuff out of this bill,” says Grassley.

The Biden plan includes more than a billion dollars for non-traditional infrastructure projects like funding for schools, initiatives to raise wagers for care workers and plans to address climate change. The plan would mostly be paid for by a slight roll-back of corporate tax cuts passed by Congress in 2017.


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