Early Planting has Benefits

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Good central Iowa weather has sent corn planters into the fields and some farmers are using the sunshine to start up soybeans. Normally, beans are planted at the start of May because the ground needs to get warmer, but Carlisle farmer Mike Penick decided to plant early.

He says early planting has several benefits, ”Well, theoretically you’re supposed to get better yields. According to all the test results, they say you get better yields with the early planting. And then it also gives you a better chance of avoiding any frost or anything like that.”

Penick adds early planting also gives him a longer growing season, and an early harvest. That frees up time for post-harvest activities like laying tile lines, and for conservation work like building terraces.

If conditions are right, Penick says he can wrap up soybean planting in about four days, but with rain in the forecast for Friday, he hopes his luck holds.

He says, ”Well, right now everything’s going great, you know? With the rains we’ve been getting, we haven’t been getting those gully-washers we’ve been getting the last few years, and everything looks good right now. Come back in a month, and hopefully I can tell you the same thing.”


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