Dry October Perfect for Harvest

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Nearly nowhere in the state had rain in October until just this week a complete turnaround from September’s variable rainfall, which gave perfect conditions to dry the crops in the fields.
State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says, “So it’s been just an amazingly dry month, and you know, you can hardly ask for anything better as far as getting harvest accomplished and temperatures this month also, a little bit on the warm side. Average about two, three degrees above normal, which generally helps dry the crop down a little bit quicker as well. And so it’s been just an amazingly favorable October.”
Hillaker says most of the state has now had its first freeze, “The further northeast you go, the colder things were. Some places even down to upper teens earlier in the week. And so growing season definitely over with. Might help make the soybeans a little easier to harvest in places where they still had green stems and things like that. But the southwest part of the state more hit and miss.”
He says the dry weather and frost poses a challenge to farmers who are getting cover crops on the ground. Some farmers are having trouble getting a stand of green. The rain this week could jump start the germination, but it will be harder for some of those conservation practices to get a stand as it gets colder.


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