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DES MOINES, Iowa – It’s the country’s third-largest indoor farm show, and it’s happening this week in Des Moines. The 2015 Iowa Power Farming Show brings nearly 2,000 booths, showcasing a variety of equipment and systems, to the Iowa Events Center. But this year, organizers say all eyes are on the skies.

Drones have been transitioning into a number of industries over the past year, but for the agriculture industry, organizers of the show say they’re becoming crucial for “precision farming.”

“They can even actually tell, maybe the nitrate level that they need. ‘Do we need to put nitrogen back on the crop?’ ‘Do we have a weed problem in this area, so do we need to just take care of that area and not other areas?’ So, I think it’s more just an incentive – rather than going out and trying to walk fields, they can just scan a whole field,” said show director Tom Junge.

The legality of drone-usage in non-governmental industries is still up in the air until the Federal Aviation Administration releases official regulations on the technology. Junge says this year’s show features several informational seminars on this issue to better-educate Midwest farmers interested in implementing drones in their businesses.

Seven drones are on display at the Iowa Power Farming Show this year. For schedules and ticket information, visit the event’s webpage.