Congressional Democrats Announce Plans to Run for Ag Committee Chair


IOWA — Two Democrats are hoping to grab the newly opened House Chair for the Agriculture Committee.

  Representative David Scott from Georgia announced he is looking for the chair saying he wants to address the insecurities across both rural and urban communities. Scott was born and grew up living and working on his grandparents’ farm and represents 17,000 acres of farmland, about 300 farms,with total market value of products sold at $2.8 million according to the 2017 Census of Agriculture.

  Representative Jim Costa from California announced he will seek the chairmanship of the House Committee on Agriculture saying the committee should reflect the changing landscape of agriculture in the united States.   Costa is a third-generation farmer representing some of the largest ag producing parts of the nation, nearly 1.3 million acres of farmland and about 3,700 farms. producing four point $4 billion worth of farm goods according to the 2017 Census of Agriculture.

  For reference, the current chair, Collin Peterson, represented 14 million acres worth of farmland in Minnesota.

  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he now wants to complete a stimulus bill before the end of the year..

  This is a change from earlier statements where he said he wanted to wait until next year but at a post-election press conference in Kentucky he’s looking again at a bill that fizzled in the Fall. That would have provided $20 billion in new help for agriculture, potentially including biofuels.   McConnell insists a compromise is still possible..

“The election is over. We don’t know for sure, all of the outcomes, but hopefully, we will be next week when we go back in session. And we need to sit down and talk with each other the way we did back in March and April and address the problem. And I’m confident we will, no matter who ends up running the government,” McConnell says.


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