AGRIBUSINESS: Researchers Share Field Day Results

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The Horticulture Department of Iowa State created an expose for its research this coming Monday to be available for all vegetable and fruit producers.

And the big topic this year is soil quality.

High tunnel tomatoes are becoming a hot commodity in Iowa and a challenge farmers face is continuous use, which can deplete soil nutrients.

Ajay Nair, a vegetable specialist at Iowa State says, “We are coming up with this cover crop, this short duration cover crop of oil-seed radish and yellow mustard from seedling to termination is about 45 days.”

Nair says cover crops can replace valuable resources taken from soil naturally.

The department of horticulture is researching these cover crops because they break down naturally, so producers do not need to terminate the plants by other means.

Beyond research on tomatoes, cucumber and sweet potatoes are a couple of many other studied crops.

Also on the agenda is mechanization and disease management.

But researchers are looking for real farmer questions or challenges to continue their study on improving crop and soil quality.

Online registration is closed but you can still register on-site for $35.

The event begins at 1:30 on Monday, August 12 at the Horticulture Research Station in Ames.

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