AGRIBUSINESS: Past World Food Prize Laureate Says Policies Interfere With Feeding The World

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Speaking as part of a lecture series at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – the 2001 World Food Prize Laureate said the world is actually capable of producing enough food to feed the growing population – but policies and politics stand in the way.

According to Per Pinstrup-Andersen – inappropriate policies are the problem. He estimates 2.9-quadrillion pounds of food are lost globally each year throughout the distribution system. Pinstrup-Andersen says that amount would feed the two-billion people expected to be added to the population by the year 2050.

While it’s not likely that entire loss can be captured – he says some could be saved through better policies and management. He says more investment is needed in research and technology – including genetic modification – as well as in rural infrastructures in developing countries. Pinstrup-Andersen also called for orderly trade policies, rules governing land acquisition and antitrust legislation.


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