AGRIBUSINESS: New Congress May Find Compromise In Transportation

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In the last week of 2014, Congress is adjourned for Christmas holidays and new members prepare to assume office in the first month of the New Year. But with Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress and a Democratic White House, some worry there’s a short list of topics that legislators and the president can agree on.
Soy Transportation Coalition Executive Director Mike Steenhoek says one of the subjects to make that list is transportation, “There’s going to be a lot of transportation issues that are going to be on the table. And looming, perhaps more than any other, is a new highway bill that needs to be reauthorized in the spring. And everyone in Washington D.C. with this new reality with Congress in its relationship with the president, they want to have a number of wins. They want to be able to prove to the American people that our government can still operate and so they’re looking for issues they can really work on, and maybe collaborate on.”
Steenhoek says the highway bill will potentially include increasing semi truck weight limits and finding a better way to finance surface transportation.

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