2020 Presidential Campaigns Involve Agriculture

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Agriculture is getting into politics this 2020 season. This week, Democrat candidates looking to be nominated for president were in Cedar Rapids for the Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame Dinner.

It featured prominent Iowa Democrats, but also 19 Democrats on the campaign trail for president.

Rural America and agriculture have already been on the docket for some candidates. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have released policies on agriculture reform. Senator Amy Klobuchar is on the Agriculture committee and advocates for strong farm policies.

The Governor of Montana Steve Bullock is also running for President and launched a “fighting for rural Iowa” tour. There is a focus on rural locations yet Rural America supported President Trump in the last election.

Bullock says when he was elected governor, 30 percent of his voters also voted Trump. And in Iowa, a third of counties voted for President Obama and then President Trump.

He says, “And I think if we as Democrats aren’t focusing on the needs of rural communities making sure no one should have to leave their school or their church or their community just to have a decent paycheck. If we’re not doing that, well, we’re falling short.”

Montana is a large agriculture state, number one in pulse crops, which are legumes, and a large cattle producer.

Bullock says constant trade wars and tariffs are costing American farmers and ranchers and ultimately affect the consumer.

He’s concerned “America First” is turning into America alone, “We’re losing market share opportunities, not just in China, but also in Japan, in India, in other places because of just thinking you can do this by the blunt instrument of tariffs. I mean, what we need to do is certainly get fair trade deals for the United States of America. But you don’t ever do this alone.”


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