AGRIBUSINESS: Producers, Ag Bloggers Stand Together Against Panera Bread Campaign

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Panera Bread has charged poultry producers – and essentially farmers in general – with taking the easy way out instead of making tough decisions. Panera has labeled producers who use antibiotics to treat their animals when they’re sick as lazy and producers who don’t use antibiotics as hard workers. Producers and ag bloggers have taken a stand and challenged Panera’s statement that farmers believe hard work pays off eventually, but lazy pays off now.

Blogger Dairy Carrie has teamed up with the Animal Ag Alliance to send a letter to Panera Bread Company solidifying her position on their anti-antibiotics campaign. The letter is to include specific objections with the company’s new ads and will attempt to schedule a meeting so she – and other ag representatives – can begin a conversation with Panera officials about their current – and future – ad campaigns.


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