AGRIBUSINESS: Ag Corporations Educating Farmers On New Crop Insurance

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Farmers are starting to dig into the new farm crop insurance plan but major agriculture corporations are also putting its professionals on the job to educate producers.
The choice between the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) and Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) is one that goes down to an individual farmer level, according to Tom Legner the Product Territory Manager with Cargill Crop Insurance LLC. He says there are not blanket recommendations for crop insurance because it depends on the prices and what county yields are.
Legner says Cargill plans to work with other groups to make sure farmers are better informed about insurance options because the underlying issue is both farmers and Cargill want to sell grain.
“We’ve been working with our CIPA group, which is our Crop Insurance Professional Association, to understand this bill and how rules that are being laid out in the and the definition of these rules and bring it to our producers.” Legner says, “So we’ve been doing quite a few meetings, 30 to 35 meetings we’ve done already with 100 to 150 people attending, now we’re doing workshops, one on ones using decision tools from some of these universities to help our producers understand what needs to be done. So, we’re really diving deep and going right down into the producer so that they can understand and ask the questions they need and really mend it together in their plan.”
Producers have until March 31st, 2015 to choose between ARC and PLC, that decision will last for the duration of the 2014 farm bill.


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