After Year-Long Hiatus, Waukee Brings Back School Theatre Performances


WAUKEE, Iowa — After a long hiatus caused by the pandemic, the Waukee Community School District is bringing back theatre with its first musical this weekend.

Once their first play was canceled last year, students at Waukee believe it was a reminder of how much school theatre meant to them. 

“Just going and having all that free time at home was really a rude awakening for me because I realized how much I depend on other people,” Senior at Waukee High School, Keaton Kelly said. “I didn’t realize how much I missed being able to perform with my great friends.” 

This weekend students at Waukee will star in their rendition of the film and broadway hit, Shrek. Waukee High School teacher Nathan Jorgensen said instead of having a live audience, this event will be streamed. 

“You still get that sense of you’re watching a show live, and because it’s at a certain time you get that sense of community. Everyone who’s watching it will get to experience the same thing at the same time,” Jorgensen said. “We’ve got people that have relatives all across the country who will be tuning in. Because, you know, they don’t have to travel to come see it, they can just enjoy it from the comfort of their own home.” 

There are 100 students involved with this musical both on and off the stage. Senior Natalie Grote said she hopes that people realize theatre can be just as important as other extracurricular activities to high school students. 

“It is a place where really, everyone has an equal opportunity, especially here at Waukee, we make sure that everyone who wants to be in theater can be in theater. Everyone has a chance to have a few lines or a singing role, or a dancing solo, or something that makes them unique,” Groats said.

You can purchase tickets for the streaming performances here.  

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