DES MOINES, IOWA — Afghan refugees continue to settle in central Iowa, but many still face obstacles.

Some refugees are still in hotels waiting to be brought to a home to accommodate their family. 

Others have a place to live, but still face other problems.

Like one local refugee family who has been in their home since December. They are struggling to pay rent and just got their children enrolled in school after 4 months.

The father said that he wants to have a positive outlook on life in the U.S. but continues to be let down by resettlement help.

“In the future, I have lots of hopes. So you know, if my destination goes like this, like I spent before, so you know, it will be very hard for me. So I came here to leave. I came here to do something for my wife or my kids.. to send them to school to learn something. I didn’t come here to be a jailer. I spent more of my time, lots of my life times in war back at home. In war, in difficulties, in problems in everything. So I came here to have a good destination and have a good future. If it is like this, I don’t think I will arrive to a good destination,” said the local refugees translator.