Adventureland Facing Discrimination Lawsuit from Former Employee


The Monster rollercoaster at Adventureland. (WHO-HD)

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ALTOONA, Iowa – A former Adventureland employee has filed a lawsuit against the theme park claiming she experienced workplace harassment and discrimination based on her medical issues and that led to her firing.

The lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday, claims Alisha Munoz made her employer aware of the multiple medical issues she suffered from at the time of her hiring in May of 2017. During her employment she provided a medical release from her doctor prohibiting her from “stooping, squatting, and high temperatures for an indefinite future, until she completes her medical work-up.”

The complaint says those restrictions did not prevent her from doing her job, but she received resistance when she submitted another note from her doctor requiring her to keep her cell phone on her at all times – due to recent blackouts. The request was denied by Adventureland and another note from her doctor did not change management’s mind about the issue.

After being admitted to University of Iowa Hospitals in August, Munoz returned to work with another note from a doctor there requiring her to keep her cell phone on her. This time, the request was granted.

Munoz claims that during her employment she witnessed supervisors harassing other employees, some of them minors, about their sexual orientation and mental health. She says she also witnessed sexual harassment.

The lawsuit says Munoz experienced a hostile workplace due to “supervisors constantly calling Plaintiff names, remarking about her medical conditions, medical restrictions, disability, making fun of her Latino husband, making fun of her appearance,” among other claims.

Munoz was fired on September 3rd, 2017. The following day she filed charges of employment discrimination with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. On March 7th, 2018 the commission issued a right to sue letter in regard to Munoz’ claim.


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