CAMERAS REPORT: DM Says Accidents Are Decreasing

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Des Moines city officials say automated traffic cameras are working to make roads safer and the numbers prove it.

New DOT rules require cities to issue annual reports that show crash data for intersections where traffic cameras are used on state maintained roads.

In Des Moines that includes the speed camera on I-235 as well as red light cameras at freeway off-ramps at MLK and School and East 15th and Maple.

According to the six page report filed by the city, crashes are down at both of the off-ramp intersections with red light cameras since they went online in July 2011.

The city also says the average number of crashes near the I-235 speed camera is also down since it went online.

However, last year the number of crashes actually increased in the area. The city blames that on increased traffic due to the detour from the 63rd and Grand Bridge closure.

The reports are now required annually to ensure the cameras are effective.

To see Des Moines’ traffic camera report for 2013 click here.


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