Abram’s Story: ‘Cannabis Oil Changed My Son’s Life’

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DALLAS CENTER, Iowa — Abram Miller, 3, started suffering seizures when he was just a baby.  At first, they were mild but increased in frequency and severity.

“Right before his first birthday, he started having spells, where he would be just fine then all of a sudden just not be home at all. Things started getting worse, the seizures started happening more often,” said Erin Miller, Abram's mother.

Eventually, doctors diagnosed Abram with a rare seizure disorder and prescribed him medication that has never been tested on anyone under the age of 18.

“In Christmas of 2014, he could say 'mama, papa, cat, up.' And after that drug, it was just gone, and he worked really hard to get those words. So for him to lose them was really sad," Erin said.

It wasn't just his words — Abram lost the ability to walk and even had trouble crawling.

Out of hope and options, the neurologist pulled Erin into a side room and suggested the family go to Colorado to try cannabis oil.

“I didn't really have anything to lose. If it didn't work, it didn't work but it worked and it changed his life," she said.

The results are remarkable. Abram has spent the last year seizure-free. He went from taking 14 syringes full of prescription medication to just one. Soon, Miller hopes to wean her son off the last prescription and have him strictly on cannabis oil.

“I feel like I finally get to see my little boy live a life. Before, he was so miserable and suffering all the time," Erin said.

Cannabis oil has allowed Abram to regain his fine motor skills, his mother said. He’s also back on his feet, walking and playing.

“Before, they told us he wouldn't have the cognitive ability to do any of these things and he's proven so many people wrong. That's what's important because this medicine is life-changing for so many people, and it changed my little boy’s life.”

Erin and her husband, Tracy, have Abram’s cannabis oil shipped directly from Colorado.

It's allowed to be shipped since it only contains .3 percent THC, making it legal hemp.

One bottle lasts Abram about six months and costs the Millers $150.

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