ABOVE AND BEYOND: Bike Team That Beat Cancer

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Last weekend, we first showed you a team of cyclists embarking on a three-thousand-mile-long journey.  Now, the journey is over.

The six cyclists trained for nine months to prove that they could compete in a cross-country race after they already beat cancer.

The Iowa Survivors started in California.  They were one of eighteen teams that competed, with each rider taking turns.  And after six days, twenty-one-hours and seventeen minutes, they arrived at the finish line in Annapolis Maryland.

The group is called Above and Beyond Cancer, the brain child of Dr. Richard Demming, a local physician and cancer survivor.

We spoke with him on the phone as he described one of the most exhilarating challenges this group has ever endured, “In the end, this group that gained their courage and confidence from their cancer journey put it on the line and reached above and beyond their comfort zone to take on a challenge that they weren’t certain they could do and were able to deliver.”

Above and Beyond placed thirteenth out of eighteen teams.

There will be a welcome home celebration to congratulate the riders and their crew.  It’s happening Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Bike World store in West Glenn.


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