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It took a Polk County jury a little more than three hours to find 39-year-old Randall Moore guilty as charged. Thirty-year-old TereseAnn Lynch Moore had a no contact order against Moore when he kidnapped and killed her last November.

Wednesday, Moore was found guilty of 1st degree murder, 1st degree kidnapping, 1st degree sexual assault and attempted murder for shooting Des Moines Police Officer Todd Roland.

While Moore showed little emotion as the judge read the verdict, TereseAnn’s family couldn’t hold back tears of relief. “Tremendous relief that the jury saw what we already knew. He will never, ever, ever hurt anyone again like he hurt my daughter,” says Sheila Lynch.

Prosecutors say Moore is a cold blooded killer. He abused and stalked TereseAnn before kidnapping her from the Target parking lot on November 11, 2009. Moore then barricaded himself inside his apartment where he sexually assaulted TereseAnn before shooting her in the face as she begged for her life. “When you take a 12 gauge shotgun, load it with deer slugs and you shoot someone directly in the mouth, that is cold blooded,” says Polk County Attorney John Sarcone.

“An evil, evil excuse for a man did unspeakable things to my daughter and we got justice today,” says Lynch. During the trial, the Lynch family says they had to relive the pain of her death. As deputies led Moore away in handcuffs, her mother says they got more than justice. “My daughter TereseAnn Marie is at peace and now the family will be also,” says Lynch.

Moore’s family chose not to comment following today’s verdict. Sentencing is set for November 12, 2010. First degree murder and kidnapping carries a mandatory penalty of life in prison.